By: Nirajan Bom Malla

same with my, i moved to vps 5 months ago, i see several server fail, in feb 2 atlanta location disk failed and i lost all my new datas, which they failed to recover. Choosing is really a great mistake, they claim and advertise with 100% update, no server have that, 99.9% is acceptable. Also they dont have Phone Support. 

I mentioned in my blog


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Announcing IPv6 Support in Singapore

SGP1 is the first datacenter to have IPv6 support because it is running v1.5 of our backend code base. The new version was completely rewritten from the ground up and provides many benefits over the current v1.0 code. This includes more actions that can be initiated without needing to power off a Droplet – such as snapshots and enabling/disabling networking services – as well as an overall more reliable backup service architecture. After much testing during a two month beta period in Singapore, we’ve also started the first phase of our migration to the new 1.5 codebase in the San Francisco region.

Below are our community articles that will help you get started with IPv6 on your Droplets.

How To Enable IPv6 For DigitalOcean Droplets

How To Configure Tools To Use IPv6 on a Linux VPS

How To Add Additional IPv6 Addresses to your Droplet

How To Configure Your Droplet to Only Use IPv6 Networking

You can also navigate the IPv6 tag for more IPv6 articles and questions in the community. With your help, we’ll be able to refine this feature to best serve our community and join the future of the internet.


The DO Team

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Our New Community: User Profiles, Upvoting, Notifications and More!

When our community site first launched in the spring of 2012, it featured ten Linux tutorials written by an in-house writer and received roughly 1,500 visitors its first week. We’re so grateful that as we’ve grown, the community has come together to sustain the site. Currently, over 50% of DigitalOcean’s near 800 tutorials come from outside submissions, and our questions and projects sections are also built up by community contributions.

Now the community site receives over 1.5 million visitors each month.

We’ve put a lot of time and effort into creating a space where we can give back, and that developers of all types can call home. Today, are excited to announce some of the biggest new features of the growing DO community.

New Features

We have introduced quite a few new features to the community, and will continue improving these features and adding more based on user feedback. Some of our newest features are:

User Profiles

Keep track of your contributions, showcase your information, connect with other users, and modify your preferences in our newly introduced community profile.


Users are automatically subscribed to content they create, and can manually subscribe to any question or tutorial within the community.


Stay in the know by receiving both in-app and email notifications whenever another user takes action on your post.

Love your Content!

Did you find a fellow community member’s post helpful? Give it some love! This will count as a point toward that user, as well as upvote the post in the thread.

Threaded Discussions

We can’t help but be excited about our new commenting system. You can also format your answers in markdown syntax, or use our visual editor to do that for you.

A special thank you to Tanooki. Under the guidance of our Creative Director, they were able to bring you these features as quickly as possible. Now create a user profile and explore your new community. More features and refined interfaces coming soon :)

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By: Anonymous

Are you still using on this website up to today?

Reason I ask is has once again gone down and I am done with giving it yet another second chance.

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By: Socrates

I am my friend! I still remember the nightmare when I used VPS and feel for you Matthew. It also doesn’t surprise me that they went down again. In fact, I will bet it will continue to happen. So, if you have a WordPress site check out – I am paying a fraction of what I paid before and my blog have not gone down yet. Plus, the customer service is totally fantastic!

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By: Anonymous

Do they only allow you to host WordPress sites with them then?

Or is it a case that is what they do best and you can also host other things like IP.Board as there would be three main sites I would want to move over, the rest I will find some cheap host somewhere for.

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By: Socrates

 They do one thing only but they do it extremely well: WordPress hosting!

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We’re Bringing New Features To Europe: IPv6, Private Networking, CoreOS

Below are DO articles that will help you get started with IPv6 on your Droplets:

  • How To Enable IPv6 For DigitalOcean Droplets
  • How To Configure Tools To Use IPv6 on a Linux VPS
  • How To Add Additional IPv6 Addresses to your Droplet
  • How To Configure Your Droplet to Only Use IPv6 Networking

You can also navigate the IPv6 tag for more IPv6 articles and questions in our community

DigitalOcean control panel

There’s also been a lot of excitement throughout our community around our recent CoreOS announcement. Now all developers that wish to spin up Droplets in AMS3 can select CoreOS as their operating system, allowing for the easiest way to get started using containers and distributed systems.

You can click here to launch a CoreOS image, or here to check out our tutorial series on getting started with CoreOS.

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By: Anonymous

That is a real shame. Although, I suppose I could host with them and move my IP.Board to IP.Services and it would still be cheaper then

I will keep an eye on this blog uptime for a bit, thanks for this review.

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Building A Better Web With Track:js

From The Creator

We’re bootstrapping Track:js, so we’re perpetually short on time and money. We initially started using DigitalOcean for its price, but have stayed for nearly a year now because it works so well. Setting up Droplets is super easy and we have all the control we need to automate them.

Their systems are also incredibly fast and reliable, handling everything we’ve thrown at them. We hit #1 on HackerNews and saw 25,000 unique users hit our DO box and performance was stellar: less than 1s response on average. We host our public-facing sites on DigitalOcean using a combination of static files and WordPress. Deployment is automated with git hooks, which were straightforward to setup.

DigitalOcean has been so great for us that we’re looking to build out our usage capture components on a cluster of Droplets. We’re very optimistic about this – it could save us a ton in monthly transactional costs and give us even more control.

More than the Error

The error is the last in a long series of events. What happened before, what did the user do, and how did we get into this state? We built a custom event engine to track what the user, the network, and your application were doing leading up to the error. We call it the Telemetry Timeline – it’s kinda like a BlackBox Recorder for your web app.

Realtime Analytics

There is a lot of noise out there. A lot of errors are beyond your control. Our Analytics Dashboard helps you focus on the biggest impact. See the browsers, pages, or customers that are having the hardest time. Measure your app over time and see how your error rate changes.

Putting Service in SaaS

We’re here to help you build a better app. My team and I are always working with customers to integrate, improve, and fix issues of all kinds. We now receive over 1,500 JavaScript errors per minute. To ensure that we can keep up with that load and continue to scale, we leverage DigitalOcean’s API to quickly spin up a dozen Droplets and hammer our systems with errors for performance testing. We build out an “error drone” template, which rapid fires fake requests at us, then create a swarm of them on demand. As a DigitalOcean user, you pay hourly for the test and tear them down. No other service is offering that kind of speed and simplicity.

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Linux Web Hosting Package

Web designers often look for the web hosting packages and services before executing the plan of their web designing. There is wide variety of web hosts services available which compiles all the needs of the web designers and offer excellent services. But to choose from the plethora of services is a tedious task. Before executing their plan of designing website, the first step is to choose the appropriate domain name that suits the website. Web hosting package is the next and most important step where you will need to upload your files for configuration.

Web hosting packages plays an important role in the web designing. Various web hosting services are currently available in different operating systems such as Linux hosting, VPS hosting , Windows etc. There are certain essential ingredients which are needed for every hosting plan. It is important for web designers and webmasters to choose the appropriate and best suited web hosting plans and services.

One of the latest and common hosting plans is Linux hosting, which is more secure and efficient than other operating systems as well as hosting plans available in today’s era of advance technology. It is indeed considered as the most popular hosting services since it is freely available software around the web. This plan comes with a bunch of services and components such as Apache server, PHP language and mySQL database system. High performance, greater stability and even lower cost are the key features of the Linux operating system and are preferred by most of the designers due to its huge advantages over other operating systems.

Advantages of Linux Hosting web services:

There are various advantages that make this service stand out in today’s era and make it a preferable choice among the designers and webmasters.

  1. 1.Availability: This web hosting services are freely available around the web. Since it is open source software, designers don’t have to invest higher budget in hosting and the software can be changed by any person according to the requirement.
  2. 2.Secure and Stable: The key features of this hosting service are its security and stability which yield high productivity and efficient results in terms of performance.
  3. 3.Low Cost: The web hosting service suits best for those individuals who do not have high budget, the web hosting plan is quite cheaper and can be the preferred solution.
  4. 4.Combined Package: This hosting plan comes with a bundle of services comprising of FTP Access, Common gateway interface (CGI) mechanism, mySQL Database systems. These services make this hosting plan different from rest of others. This is the main reason that most designers find it an appropriate web hosting plan in today’s time.
  5. 5.Effective Administration services: The administration services offered by this platform are very effective and provide you excellent results.
  6. 6.Reliable: The above hosting plan is very reliable as it provides you with a facility of solving every technical problem that can arise during the working. Its reliability, security and performance are added features and advantages of this hosting plan.