Some Key Differences between Gmail and Outlook

gmail-to-outlookWhen choosing an e-mail service many people are content to settle for their current service or what is pre-installed on their computer. Giving your e-mail service a second thought is well worth the time. Gmail and Outlook are two major email services and are worthy of noting the key differences that make them the primary email choice.

Folders Vs. Labels

While Outlook uses the traditional e-mail folders to group messages with similar content, Gmail takes a completely different approach. Instead of grouping messages with similar content into folders, Gmail marks them with a label. For example, e-mail messages that are grouped into a “Standard Operating Procedures” folder in Outlook will appear with a “Standard Operating Procedures” label within Gmail.

Folder/Label Hierarchy

Instead of using sub-folders like Outlook, Gmail builds an information hierarchy with its use of labels. This hierarchy can be minimized and expanded with a click of the mouse toward the left of e-mails.

Folder/Label Organization

While Outlook requires the user to organize his folders beneath his inbox, Gmail’s labeling equivalent of such folders are shown at the upper section of the label hierarchy. While a sub-folder in Outlook might be called “Family Messages” or “Personal”, it will be labeled “Inbox/Personal” in Gmail.

Flags Vs. Stars

Outlook users can apply a colored flag to a message to signify its importance. In Gmail, a star is used to highlight a message’s importance. Yet Gmail stars do not allow users to attach a reminder or a follow-up date message like Outlook’s flag system.

Undesired E-mails:  Junk vs Spam

In Outlook, undesired junk e-mail must be manually moved to a junk e-mail folder by the user. Gmail users have it much easier as undesired e-mails are automatically labeled by the system as “Spam”. All the Gmail user must do to access these messages is click the spam label.

Message Storage

Outlook’s Archived folder is used to store certain messages that are a user desires to segregate from others. These are available through the Google Apps profile. These messages are stored in the “All Mail” section of Gmail. Gmail users who archive specific e-mails will find them in Outlook’s Archived folder. Yet if the message is also labeled, it will be displayed in the Outlook folder that matches that particular label.

A message can be abandoned at any time and Gmail will save it as a draft whereas Outlook will not automatically save a draft, instead the user must click “save” to have a draft of the e-mail preserved

Sending And Receiving Emails

Each system displays a message page in a unique manner. In Gmail, a pop-up tab is utilized to compose e-mail messages. Other messages can remain open while the new message pop-up tab is displayed. When replying to a thread of messages, they are displayed above the message that the user crafts. If there are too many to display, horizontal lines are stacked between the last message and first message to indicate that there is additional content within the thread. Gmail features remain visible when the user is composing a new message.  In Outlook, features are hidden as a large window appears for a new message. This allows the writer to see the contents of the thread without having to do much scrolling.

While it is difficult to convince someone to switch e-mail services, the features of Gmail make the migration a tempting choice. After reviewing the substantial differences between the services, Gmail has more helpful features and with a superior user experience design.

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Innovation on the Move: Take your users mobile with Google Apps

When employees can access their documents, emails and more from anywhere, on any device with a browser, it raises a lot of extra questions about how they can still work securely and how much control IT Managers can retain.

If you’re asking those questions, we have a few resources for you.

BYOD with Google Apps for Work

Bring Your Own Device is something that’s becoming increasingly popular with employees who want to bring their personal devices to the workplace. Google Apps has everything you need to embrace a BYOD policy.

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Pool Your Resources With DigitalOcean Droplets + Mesosphere And Deploy Your App In Seconds

Now you can spin up Mesosphere clusters on DigitalOcean! This is an easy way to deploy, scale, and manage your applications.

Our friends at Mesosphere created an automated provisioning tool where you can simply choose your plan and launch. In a few clicks you’ll have a self-healing environment that offers fault tolerance and scalability with minimal configuration.

The potential for developers is huge, as Mesosphere’s API gives users the ability to manage literally thousands of Droplets like a single computer. This makes it simple to run a number of applications, services, and diverse workloads side-by-side on the Mesosphere cluster, as well as expand its size at any time by simply adding Droplets.

To get started, simply visit the Mesosphere web page, sign up, and pick an installation option:

  • Development: 4 instances of the 2GB Droplets
  • Highly-Available: 10 instances of the 2GB Droplets
  • Custom: choose the number and types of instances

Our hope is that Mesosphere’s technology will save you a lot of time and make you much more productive. With much of the DevOps work abstracted, you can focus your attention fully on your applications instead of worrying about servers and hostnames.

– Team DO

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Goodbye To Hacktoberfest: Events Roundup

Did you meet me in October? I’m Kaushal Parikh aka Cashbagel aka DO’s college evangelist.

Now that #hacktoberfest is over, it’s awesome seeing the pictures you guys took and have been tweeting all month. I was lucky enough to spend every weekend of October attending some of the coolest hackathons around – check them out below:


HackMIT, one of the largest college hackathons, brings in participants from all over the world, and this year was no different. October 4th’s event brought together over 900 students and produced a total of 284 projects! Most hackers worked in teams of four made up of people from different universities (and even different countries).

One of the coolest apps that was built that weekend was Surge Purge Plus. This team of two was tired of paying so much for Uber’s surge pricing, so they set out to fix this problem. Willing to walk a few minutes out of their way if it meant not paying for Uber’s surge price, they used the new Uber API to find locations around them that had a lower surge than their current location. Over the weekend they built a native iPhone app that checked if the area was surging, gave you walking directions to a nearby location that wasn’t surging, and ordered you an uber to that new location.

Click here to see all 284 submissions.

Photo by Elisa Young, MIT Technique


As a current Rutgers student, and a previous organizer of this event, HackRU is a really personal event for me. It was great to see a significant number of high school students in attendance this year (over 100 of the 700 attendees were still in high school). This is a trend that I can only imagine will continue to grow, with some high schools even starting their own events like HackBCA and HSHACKS.

One of the projects created by a group of teenagers was TouchFree. This team took a risk and used technology and hardware that they had never used before to create a cool new way to interact with their computers. The project used a MYO armband to play games, give powerpoint presentations, and navigate around their PCs effortlessly.

Another high school student spent the entire night learning C to create a minimalist watch face for his Pebble watch. His effort paid off – he won the Best First Time Hacker prize.

Click here to see all 101 submissions.



Not only does HackNY bring together the New York tech community, but it also serves as a reunion for alumni of the HackNY fellows program. Because of a prize criteria based solely on how impressive the projects are, HackNY has a track record of having some really creative and awesome hacks win the contest. We’ve seen everything from a breathalyzer that stops you from committing code when you’ve been drinking to an awesome drum set that you can play in mid air.

And this year’s winner was no exception…

Calclash is an addictive multiplayer game that pits up to 25 players against each other and challenges them with math questions. This team was bored of traditional studying methods and tried to make it more fun with a fast paced game that they could play with their friends. The final product looked polished and ran on node and firebase.

Click here to see all 39 submissions.



HackNC is one of the largest hackathons in NC, and has a track record of very creative and awesome hacks. Recently there’s been a trend of more students incorporating hardware elements into their hacks. This is in large part due to how accessible it has become for attendees thanks to MLH, who have been shipping crates of hardware around to these events. There was also a higher density of hacks on the MYO, Arduino, Raspberry Pi and LeapMotion at this event than any of the other events.

One of the projects that was particularly impressive and won third place this year was Boxwitch, an “asynchronous, non-blocking, event-driven sandwich delivery at the push of a button.” The team of 3 reverse engineered the Jimmy John’s api and created a physical box that was capable of ordering sandwiches to be delivered wherever you were. Not only was Boxwitch technically impressive; even their presentation included a complicated arming mechanism for the box itself, which added even more of a wow factor to the the hack.

Click here to see all 65 submissions.


Honorable Mention: HackPR

Although this event wasn’t in October, we wanted to highlight it as an awesome event that we were happy to be a part of. It happens once per semester at the University of Puerto Rico on their engineering campus in Mayaguez, PR.

We can all acknowledge that it’s difficult to start new hacker communities. The organizers of HackPR have done a great job not only scaling this event year after year, but also an awesome hacker community at their school . The event on September 27th was the largest HackPR, with approximately 280 participants.

One of the coolest projects created at the event was Air Parranda. For those who don’t know, a Parranda is a traditional musical style played in Puerto Rico. This style was brought into modern times with a clever combination of an iPhone app and MYO arm bands that let you play virtual parrandas by waving your hands in front of you.

Check out all the projects here.


The goal of #hacktoberfest was to promote open source development and show our support for developer communities. It’s been great checking out all of the cool stuff people in the community have been working on. So, whether you were taking #hacktoberfest pictures at hackathons or working towards the 50 commits challenge, we wanted to highlight all the awesome things you have been building and the communities that helped.

And of course, all this doesn’t end with the month of October. If you’re interested in having us be a part of your event, or think DigitalOcean can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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3 Ways Google Docs is a Great Alternative to MS Word.

born-in-the-cloud-tshirtThere are a few word processing programs and applications on the market that challenge Microsoft Word in popularity. For a long time a handful of MS Word alternatives were left in the shadows of Microsoft Word’s own soaring popularity. However, moving into the modern century, reliable, innovative options that were "Born in the Cloud" are out-pacing Microsoft.    Google Docs is one these "Alter-native" Cloud Apps replacing stand-alone legacy software like Microsoft Word.   Google Docs offers flexibility, accessibility and online collaboraton.

Google Docs is an easy to use word processing tool containingall the features you need. You will notice the difference immediately with the simplistic layout and design, and functionality. 

Google Docs is Flexible

You can save your document as a .docx, PDF, .rtf, .tiff or .html format. Google Docs allows you to convert other formats to a Google Doc removing any limitations for their users. This feature allows you to forward your documents to anyone currently enjoying the flexibility of Google’s word processor, as well as allowing you to convert documents sent to you in Google Docs.

Google Docs is Accessible 

Google Docs enables you to access your documents from any Internet connected device. The pure cloud solution makes it easy for you to work on projects whereever you are. This is an excellent feature if you want to take your work on the road or back to the comfort of your couch at home. 

Google Docs Is Collaborative

Working on a group project? Google Docs allows up to 50 people to edit and view documents. You can easily make changes to the document that is visible to the group, and with the Cloud back you have an instant access to each version. Also, Google’s word program comes with user friendly administrative controls. These administative controls allows you to set up viewing and editing permissions for all members within your group. The collaborative feature of Google Docs helps to enable your group to work together as a team.

This Google word solution is ideal for all your word processing needs,  no matter what you are working on Google Docs is there to help you create, collaborate, and organize in a snap.

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How to Get on the Google for Work Fast Track

google-apps-fast-trackThe move to Google Apps can seem daunting, but it’s a well established and proven process now that can help transform your business and IT department in as little as 2 to 4 weeks.  This month Coolhead will walk you through the four week fast track to Google for Work.

While single person and very small (or very nimble) organizations can pull off a Google Apps Migration in less than a week it’s more reasonable for larger businesses to allow time for proper communication, migration and routing.

Transform your business in 2 to 4 weeks

For most businesses under 750 users the move to Google Apps, including transfer of all company messages to Gmail, can happen in 2 to 4 weeks.    Google partners, like Coolhead Tech, can help you or your IT department seamlessly migrate your company to Google for Work.

The Transition to Google for Work

Google Apps Migration can be broken down into 3 areas of management, each equally critical to your successful deployment.    All three of these roles can be managed by Coolhead Tech.  As a Google for Work Premier Partner, Coolhead can take care of every aspect of your Google Apps Migration.

Project Management.    

The project Manager role in the move to Google Apps is critical.  The Project manager is responsible for coordinating the technical configuration, change management, office communications and overall schedule of the move to Google.

Change Management.

Change management is a process of communication that helps your users in the transition to a new way of working.  Change management activities often include communicating the schedule and documentation for the move, organization of user training and helping users through the overall process.

Technical Management

The technical configuration of a Google Apps Migration is generally handled by a Google Apps Partner in conjunction with your IT Department.    Tasks include preparation of your legacy server and The Google Apps Control Panel.  Data migration, DNS records, and other technical tasks are performed during the transition.

The Hardest Part of Going Google.

Just like any change, the hardest part is making the actual decision to switch to Google Apps.  The  business case to move to Google Apps is clear,  online collaboration and communications is quickly becoming the new norm.   If you’re looking for assistance in reaching the decision, check out our Road to Google Apps infographic, it can help you through the process.

Google Apps Migration:  Next Steps.

Ready to Go Google?   Great!  Let’s get started as the Project Manager.    Coolhead maintains a Migration Workbook (spreadsheet tabs) with the information we’ll collect over the next week as prepare for migration to Google Apps.    

Whether you plan to try the migration yourself or work with a Google for Work Partner, here’s the basic information you’ll need to get started in the move to Google Apps.  

  • Appoint Managers

    • Project Manager

    • Change Manager

    • Technical Manager

  • Primary Domain

  • Any Secondary Domains

  • Domain Registrar Login

  • Email Server Admin Login

  • Existing Email server Bandwidth/accessibility

  • DNS Control Panel Login

  • Existing User List with mailbox sizes

  • Distribution lists and aliases

With the above information in hand you’ll be able to begin evaluation on the migration schedule and any potential pitfalls.    Next we’ll register for Google for Work and set up the Google Apps Control Panel.  We’ll also send our first Announcement of the big move to Users!

Compare Turn-Key Fast Track Deployments of Google Apps

Coolhead Tech offers Fast-Track for Google Apps services from IT assistance to turn-key, complete migration packages.   Companies with fewer than 50 employees can move to Google Apps in as little as 2 weeks.  Companies with 50 – 750 users can switch to Google Apps in as little as 4 weeks.

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Fast Track Change Management Explained

google-apps-change-managementChange Management helps businesses and people prepare and adapt to new technologies and processes. It’s an important part of the Google Apps Fast Track Deployment process and can have a significantly positive impact on Apps adoption, productivity and ROI.   

What exactly is Change Management?

Change management is a structured process of education, and the implementation of tools and processes to implement a desired change.

Change management is people centric. The biggest resistance to change, and threats to the effectiveness of change can come from people within an organization. Change should be managed in a way where every person in the organization is presented with its value. They should also feel a necessary part of the overall change process, sometimes known as the ‘buy-in’.

Effective change management involves employees of all levels to bring about the easiest transitions possible. You can require change management in something as simple as the way a business will report on stock levels or as compleedx as migrating employees to a new and unfamiliar email system.

How is Change Management Successfully Implemented?

Different models of change management exist. However, at the root there are five main critical aspects to ensure a successful transition.

No matter what kind of business is in question, and how large or small the change in question is, the following five aspects will always form the base to a succesful facilitation to change.

  • Awareness: Awareness starts from identifying a need for change and then continues through educating all effected parties of this need. Leaders should take this opportunity to begin presenting the value of any change within the business.

  • Desire: After awareness, the desire for change should arise. The value proposition will make or break the desire for change in individuals. All affected parties should be on board with the changes. You should present the value of change in different ways to appeal to specific individuals or departments in an organization. The desire for change comes naturally when a strong motivation is created.

  • Knowledge: Once change is accepted by the masses, the processes to implement the change should be introduced. All parties should know how they can help to facilitate the change, simply knowing why change is needed is not enough. Every employee should know the part they play in facilitating change before the process is a success.

  • Ability: With change often comes the need for new skills or professional behaviors. Knowledge and ability sometimes mix together. Change can be ill-effective if not managed properly make sure employees receive proper training and tools necessary to facilitate change.

  • Reinforcement: Change management is an ongoing process that doesn’t succeed or fail overnight. Continuous reinforcement of the value in change is necessary. Ongoing training and feedback may also be necessary to maintain the effectiveness and the perception of value in change.

At CoolHead Tech we witness change management in effect with many of our customers, and even within our own organization. As a part of the IT services industry many of the products we sell will influence the need for change management.

The biggest aspect of change management is bringing employees on board. Employees not only need to perceive the value in change, but should also see their role within the process. Once this is achieved businesses can begin to provide their employees with the tools and training needed to enable workers to help deliver change throughout an organization.

The need for change usually arises for solutions to an issue or as a more efficient way of operating a business. Change management can facilitate the changes needed to make a business more effecient. Successful businesses will pay special attention to the process of change management throughout any implementation of new technology or the business process.

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Test Your Skills With The Docker Puzzle

We’ve teamed up with TrueAbility to present The Docker Puzzle Challenge.

Using Docker administration skills, those participating will attempt to solve a jigsaw puzzle for bragging rights on our leaderboard (and prizes). Besides some good fun, we’re hoping to attract those interested in Linux and containerization to our open positions. The contest runs from Nov 1 – 30: By the end of the contest, the Top 10 performers will be guaranteed an interview with DigitalOcean.

Our awesome customer support manager, Tammy Butow, has been using TrueAbility to help find the best candidates to join our support team. Read the interview below for some insight into the importance of innovative hiring techniques.

What are the top three qualities you are looking for in a job candidate?

Our support team is awesome; everyone is a self-learner and an excellent problem solver. We all enjoy helping developers with their Droplets and get really excited when see what developers are building. We look for the following qualities in candidates:

  1. Self-Starter / Self-Learner
  2. Team Player
  3. Love of Linux and Open Source

Why is hiring people who are keeping up with current tech important?

We are constantly excited to be working with new technologies. We recently launched CoreOS and Mesosphere on DigitalOcean. We love being able to support developers using many different types of technologies. In addition to the core Linux fundamentals, we always need to be learning so that we are able to support developers that reach out to us.

Can you explain why innovative hiring techniques are important to quickly filter for the best candidates?

We want to find the best people to help support and build a simple cloud hosting platform. It’s a mission that requires the greatest talent out there from all over. Our support team come from a variety of locations: Texas, Utah, Virginia. I moved to New York from Australia to join DigitalOcean. We are constantly on the lookout for extremely talented candidates. Using TrueAbility and other progressive hiring practices can help speed up the process tremendously.

Can you go into detail concerning your experience with TrueAbility?

Actually when I interviewed with DigitalOcean, I completed a TrueAbility challenge. I found it to be a really enjoyable experience. It’s a great way to test your skills in a real-life environment. It’s excellent for us to be able to playback the TrueAbility challenge and then chat with the candidate about their approach to problem solving in a fast-paced environment. It’s a lot to do in a short amount of time, but it’s a great way to assess a candidate’s skills. We’ve found our best candidates often love these types of challenges.

How do you compare these “challenges” which aim to mimic real-life circumstances, opposed to more traditional interviewing processes?

It’s fantastic to be able to simulate real-life experiences. For years engineering talent has been assessed using coding assignments, this is just another way to go about it. We still take more traditional pieces of an application into consideration: job history, expertise, recommendations, etc. But this is a way to level the playing field a bit and give everyone a shot to show their skills.

Why guarantee interviews to the top 10? Does the fact that they “performed” better actually guarantee better performance on the job?

Not necessarily, but again it’s just a piece of the application. And it certainly doesn’t hurt to be a top scorer. At the end of the day there are developers all over the world using Docker on their DigitalOcean Droplets, so it’s important for our support team members to be able to work with Docker and other leading open source technologies.. We won’t just be looking at the top 10 though, we are excited to find out who has Docker skills!

Why The Docker Challenge as opposed to other Linux-based testing?

We have been running TrueAbility Linux Systems Administrator challenges for a while now. We started to wonder what else we could do! We love Docker and we’re excited to be able to create this experience with TrueAbility. Show us your Docker skills :)

Sign up and take the challenge here!

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Google Apps Admin Console Issues for October

Google Apps Admin Panel IconAlong with front facing applications like Google Drive, Calendar, and Google Docs, there is a powerful backend for administrators to customize and maintain the experience for all users on a shared domain. Although Google provides virtually 99% uptime for the Google Apps productivity suite, there are problems with some features from time to time. We’re going to take a look at the issues current as of October 2014, and how Google Apps administrators can work around them. Continue reading

Getting Your Google Apps Control Panel Ready for Migration

Google for Work Security BadgeYour Google Apps Control panel and domain need to be prepared for migration from legacy servers and services.  While these settings are generally configured and checked by your Google Apps Partner or migration service provider you may need to restrict Control panel access and perform these settings yourself.

Continue reading

Linux Web Hosting Package

Web designers often look for the web hosting packages and services before executing the plan of their web designing. There is wide variety of web hosts services available which compiles all the needs of the web designers and offer excellent services. But to choose from the plethora of services is a tedious task. Before executing their plan of designing website, the first step is to choose the appropriate domain name that suits the website. Web hosting package is the next and most important step where you will need to upload your files for configuration.

Web hosting packages plays an important role in the web designing. Various web hosting services are currently available in different operating systems such as Linux hosting, VPS hosting , Windows etc. There are certain essential ingredients which are needed for every hosting plan. It is important for web designers and webmasters to choose the appropriate and best suited web hosting plans and services.

One of the latest and common hosting plans is Linux hosting, which is more secure and efficient than other operating systems as well as hosting plans available in today’s era of advance technology. It is indeed considered as the most popular hosting services since it is freely available software around the web. This plan comes with a bunch of services and components such as Apache server, PHP language and mySQL database system. High performance, greater stability and even lower cost are the key features of the Linux operating system and are preferred by most of the designers due to its huge advantages over other operating systems.

Advantages of Linux Hosting web services:

There are various advantages that make this service stand out in today’s era and make it a preferable choice among the designers and webmasters.

  1. 1.Availability: This web hosting services are freely available around the web. Since it is open source software, designers don’t have to invest higher budget in hosting and the software can be changed by any person according to the requirement.
  2. 2.Secure and Stable: The key features of this hosting service are its security and stability which yield high productivity and efficient results in terms of performance.
  3. 3.Low Cost: The web hosting service suits best for those individuals who do not have high budget, the web hosting plan is quite cheaper and can be the preferred solution.
  4. 4.Combined Package: This hosting plan comes with a bundle of services comprising of FTP Access, Common gateway interface (CGI) mechanism, mySQL Database systems. These services make this hosting plan different from rest of others. This is the main reason that most designers find it an appropriate web hosting plan in today’s time.
  5. 5.Effective Administration services: The administration services offered by this platform are very effective and provide you excellent results.
  6. 6.Reliable: The above hosting plan is very reliable as it provides you with a facility of solving every technical problem that can arise during the working. Its reliability, security and performance are added features and advantages of this hosting plan.