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I am very sorry to hear that you too had ridiculous problems with my friend, though I am honestly not surprised one bit… My advice to you is very simple “RUN”. Once you’ve moved over to a descent host you’d be able to exhale and say “Good riddance!”

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Wish I had come across this before I signed up with I went with them after reading the Yoast review and everything you’ve said about them in your blog is 100% the same experience as I had. Constant downtime and the response from everyone from their low level techs to their managing director was “its your themes fault” or “its your plugins”. Ridiculous service and they are an awful company to deal with. Since we moved to wpengine we didn’t have a minutes downtime. need to be exposed as the cowboys that they are

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Announcing Expanded Google for Work Services in Austin

google-for-work-premier-partnerSince 2008 Coolhead Tech has been offering Cloud services in Austin and today we’re pleased to announce our renewed commitment to Google for Work and expanded services and products designed to benefit and accelerate the growth of our clients and Austin businesses using Google for Work Products.The Cloud landscape and viability of products in the enterprise and workplace has changed significantly since we started 6 years ago.   Products like Google Apps and MS365 are not only viable options today, they are a clear choice for businesses not only looking for cost savings but added productivity and collaboration.

Born and Matured in the Cloud

Coolhead Tech is fundamentally different from other Austin area IT providers.  We were “Born in the Cloud”  - that is to say we started our business and our core business is Google for Work products.    Most traditional IT service companies talk about Cloud but no one embraces Google for Work and Cloud technology like Coolhead Tech.  They Sell cloud but don’t embrace it.    We live in the Cloud.  We have no traditional servers, no legacy infrastructure – We use the technology we sell every day which gives us the edge in helping your business.  While other local IT Service providers are learning Google Apps, Coolhead Tech has earned Google’s highest partner rating and continues to excel in acquiring Google Certifications.

Moving to Google Apps and the Cloud

Many business holdouts don’t realize that they can take everything with them when they switch to Google Apps for Work.   We’ve helped thousands of local businesses folks move their email, contacts and calendar appointments to Google Apps for Work and Education.  With years of experience and a proven process, we’ve made the transition painless and cost efficient.  Most moves end up costing only $ 35 to $ 50 per user.   We’ll continue to offer our highly rated Google Apps Migration services to Austin businesses looking to move to Google for Work from Exchange, Lotus Notes, GoDaddy or any other provider.

Google Apps Management & Administration

For three years we’ve run a Google Apps Administrator internship for students from UT, Texas State, ACC and other area colleges.  This year Google started testing and certifying administrators.   Coolhead Tech offers businesses in Austin Google Certified Administrators to help manage day to day operations of Google Apps and products.  Our Certified Administrators are also trained in cloud backup and recovery, Google Apps Automation, user management and Cloud security.   Google Helpdesk , Google Certified Apps Administration and management services start at just $ 5 per user.

New Support for Chrome, Google Cloud & Google Maps

With proficiencies and certifications in additional Google for Work products, Coolhead Tech is offering added support for Google Chrome Management, The Google Cloud Platform and Google Maps.   This expands our reach and ability to serve Austin’s startup and enterprise community.  Chrome management is an excellent tool for schools and businesses deploying Chromebooks and tablets.  We’ve been using Chrome devices since pre-development – no other local company has more experience in Google Chrome management than Coolhead Tech.

The Google Cloud Platform and Google Maps API products will allow us to better serve Austin’s startup community.   Coolhead Tech works closely with startups at Austin Tech Incubator and other startups to acquire and integrate Google Maps API access and leverage the Google Cloud platform to scale their development efforts.

New Partnerships with Lenovo, Dell, Samsung and others offer complete Ground to Cloud Solutions

lenovo-yoga-laptop-for-google-appsWe’re really excited to announce our new hardware partners.  Tech should “just work” so we’ve taken special steps to make sure we’ve selected partners with the best hardware for Cloud.  Lenovo and Dell make some of the best laptops, chromebooks, desktops and tablets available. Coolhead Tech configures, optimizes and streamlines devices for Google Apps, security and Cloud.   

Speaking from the NEXGEN Cloud Conference in San Diego, Chris Alghini, our Principal Google Apps Consultant talked about Coolhead’s new Google for Work Partners.  “Vendors here at NEXGEN are introducing some amazing products – optimized for Cloud.  We’re excited to be here strengthening our partnerships with so many leading and upcoming vendors. It’s a great time to be a Cloud Service Provider.”

Google for Work: From Transition to Transformation

Many of our Google Apps customers spend the majority of their initial time and effort during deployment ensuring that users are functional using Google messaging tools such as Mail and Calendar. While this is important work, replacing one email system for another can’t really be considered ‘transformational’.

The real opportunity to drive business and cultural transformation within an organization will come when employees use the full power of Google Apps and identify new ways of collaborating internally and with customers.

Austin businesses are ready to bring their Google apps usage to the next level and we’re seeing a big interest in making this move from Cloud transition to transformation – a trend that will be strong in 2015.   

Coolhead Tech now offers Google For Work Transformation Labs and services.   The transformation lab, a 1/2 day , hands on, seminar for local businesses helps employees first identify areas for efficiency and then applies the technology.  It’s technology in context as companies look to do more online with customers and partners.

With high speed Internet access in Austin ramping up from AT&T, Grande and our friends at Google Fiber, Coolhead Tech is best qualified to help Austin businesses make the transition to Cloud Transformation.

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Sorry to hear about you having similar problems friend. But I agree we must expose VPS for what they are and that is why I wrote this article. Too bad you didn’t see it before signing up but others may have seen it and reconsidered their hosting options…

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By: FeckTV

Absolutely. Worst service I’ve ever experienced. Yoast should genuinely be ashamed of himself for continuing to promote them. I noticed that he switched comments on the article off. He admits that he is an affiliate and there is nothing wrong with that – I’d happily include an affiliate link on any review of wpengine. But if there were so many people having a nightmare time with he should seriously consider his choice of company to promote. Rus the MD is another clown. Numerous appeals directly to him during this farce never got any adequate reply and eventually he just chose to ignore us. What goes around comes around I reckon so Rus and will get what they deserve in time. Zippykid looks interesting though and I’m going to check them out.

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Advantages of a Google Presentation over a Powerpoint.

google-apps-presentations-helpWhile many professionals and students tend to stick to what’s familiar when designing presentations, the status quo isn’t always the best choice. Powerpoint has an enormous user base yet this is not indicative of its quality. Google Presentation offers a fresh choice for those who want to build a multi-faceted presentation that will intrigue an audience. Let’s take a look at what makes Google Presentation so special when pitted against the comparatively stale Powerpoint.

Compatibility in Google Presentations

Google Presentation is much more compatible than Powerpoint. Users can import and export graphics, text formats, PDFs and even Powerpoint presentations without a hassle. They can also publish their creations to the Internet quickly and easily. Powerpoint’s meager compatibility options pale in comparison.

Cloud Based Presentation Creation

Google Presentation is supported by the cloud. This means that several different colleagues can access and modify a presentation as it is being formulated. As long as you are using an internet connected device, you’ll have access to your team’s projects on Google Presentation. This includes iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices. It’s a significant advantage, as you’ll never have to worry about purchasing software again. Cloud support also allows employees and students to make last minute adjustments while they are on their way to a meeting or other event.

Just imagine yourself brushing up the details on page 25 of your presentation while your colleague simultaneously makes a key modification to page 2 in the minutes before an important meeting. You can also work on the same slide as your colleagues at the same time without losing anyone’s modifications.Even if you are offline, you can still work on your presentations, no matter where you are. All you have to do is enable offline editing and you can work within your browser or through a mobile device’s pin files.

Creative Control

Those who choose to design a meeting, presentation, speech or other significant project with the help of Google Presentation are equipped with the creative agency that Powerpoint users lack. Google Presentation empowers its users to build slides with that will immerse an audience. You’ll find that you can accurately express yourself, your data and your ideas with Google Presentation’s embedded video capability, numerous presentation themes, vivid animations, thousands of fonts and an array of rich colors that will captivate your audience.

The Google Research Tool

Google Presentation is designed with a nifty research tool that competitors like Powerpoint lack. This tool enables you to procure information from the world wide web in a moment’s notice. You can then implement your findings right into your presentations and documents. You’ll be shocked at just how seamless this process is.  Google invested serious resources into this function’s user experience design. Just click the Tools menu and choose Research or right click on any word on your slide to conduct relevant research. If you choose the former method, the tool’s search bar will then appear on the right hand side of the screen and you’ll be able to immediately conduct research. Google Presentation’s search bar drop down menu takes research functionality a step further by empowering users to specify exactly what type of search results they desire in terms of quotations, images etc.

Conclusions on Google Presentations and Powerpoint

Every presenter will admit that meetings, conferences and events can get boring after a certain amount of time. Google Presentation will keep your audience engaged and stimulated with its array of features like embedded video, unique themes, fonts and animations. It is clear that Google Presentation provides users with the tools that are necessary to organize information in an artful manner. In comparison, competitors like Powerpoint seem antiquated and overly simplistic. 

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The Google for Work Holiday Lockdown Guide

Before you leave the office for a holiday vacation, take these 5 practical steps to secure your Google Apps account , messages and files: Change passwords, Check device passcode settings, Take the new Google Apps security walk through, shutdown the office network. While on Vacation and away, be alert to fake “phishing” scams related to work.

1.  ‘Tis the season to change your  Password

The end of the year is a great time to review all of your accounts and passwords.  Take a new approach to passwords by creating one that’s more complex than the standard WORD + NUMBER.   

Some Ideas to Create a Strong Password:

  • First Letter of words in a phrase. Rt(14)GFWHLG — Read The (14) Google for Work Holiday Lockdown Guide 
  • Reinforce New Year’s Resolutions. 10#byMar.noSmo     —  10 pounds by March, no smoking


2.  Check Mobile Device Passcodes and times

According to Consumer Reports only 36% of users have a passcode on their mobile devices. Another Report claims that over 10 million devices were lost or stolen last year!   That’s irresponsible – if your device is not protected, do it now in the Settings section.  

 All users should check the time to lock (never exceed 5 minutes – shorter times are better)  Also check your PC screensaver lock time.   



3. Take The new Google Apps Security Walk-through.



This week the Google for Work security team launched the Google Apps security wizard for all Google for Work accounts. The security wizard guides users through steps they can take to adjust security features.  Some of the features are set by the Google Apps Administrator but it’s a shared responsibility and you, the user, are in control.


Access the Google Apps Security wizard at


It’s Quick and easy to make your account more secure using this new tool for Google Apps users.   


4.  Backups, Shutdowns & Reboots for Everything in the Office.

Give your office PC a rest this holiday season and shut it down to prevent any unauthorized access.  If you’re running desktop backup software, make sure to do a manual backup before you leave & shutdown.  For added data protection unplug your PC and devices to protect against electrical surges or power outages.

Apply the same “Shutdown or Reboot” for all of the devices on your network.   Obviously the network that’s most secure is the one that’s unplugged – unplugging your network devices, router and Wi-fi is an excellent way to guarantee safety over the long holiday breaks.


5. Be Alert and use Common Sense while on Vacation

 It’s easy to let our guard down when we’re on vacation or away from a formal environment.  The holidays are also primetime for criminals so keep on guard against phishing scams and other “honey pot” traps to try and steal your personal and work data.

Common Travel Phishing Scams

  • Work Document Share Email (see graphic)
  • “Free Airport WiFi” – access point Scam.

google-apps-phishing-emailIn the Work document share Scam you receive an email about a shared document waiting for you.  When you click-through you’re presented with a login to your account for access.    Look closely at emails and pages that ask for account information.   Google has only one login page, if it looks different, question it and look at the specific web address (URL) that shows in your web browser.   

The “Free WiFi Scam” can be less obvious and can be found at busy airports as well as local coffee shops – anywhere there’s WiFi.  In this scam you see an access point called “Free WiFi” or similarly named network without the need for a password.   You connect and it works!  But unbeknownst to you – everything you type is being captured by the criminal sitting across from you.   He’s providing you pass-through service as he collects the information.  A few days later your identity is stolen without a trace.

Never use an untrusted WiFi network. Legitimate public access networks will, at the least, have a proper login page.   Always ask the retail location you are at for the correct WiFi network and connect to that network only, never guess between “Free WiFi” and “Airport Free WiFi” again!


3 QUICK HOLIDAY SECURITY TIPS FOR GOOGLE APPS ADMINS:    Check these 3 things before you leave for vacation:    1)  Is SSL turned on?  2) Are everyone’s passwords rated “Strong”?  3) Are all Google Apps Alerts turned on?   If you need assistance in reviewing these and performing a comprehensive Google Apps Security audit, please contact Coolhead Tech to speak with a Google Apps Certified Administrator.

Happy Holidays from Coolhead Tech. :-)


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I am considering but lucky to have read this story before hand. Though I am already WPEngine customer, I am having difficulties for hosting e-commerce and non-wordpress sites. What other hosting do you recommend?

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Thank You To PHP’s Top Package Authors!

PHP remains the most popular server-side programming language powering the world wide web and in use by 82% of websites. Metrics focused on server-side languages show that PHP usage has increased by 1% in the past year alone.

Much of the growth in the last few years was driven by recently developed tools and frameworks, especially Composer. Composer is a dependency management tool, similar to Node’s npm, that manages per-project dependencies and package versions for PHP projects. It uses Packagist as its main package repository, which has shown impressive growth in the last year, doubling the number of tracked packages. This past October, the number of installations, themselves, reached the 45 million mark.

As such, Mikeal and Erika from the DigitalOcean Evangelism team, were curious to find the top 10 Packagist contributors based on the 50 most required packages and their authors. We used this script to collect our data.

Why the most required packages? Open source project authors rely on libraries that are well-maintained and stable. These provide a solid structure on which to build a successful project. If hundreds or thousands of projects are relying on a specific package, this will also mean more people able to contribute and quickly fix any bugs that might show up in the underlying required library.

Thus, we’d like to give a huge thank you to the authors who took their time to create and share awesome projects with the open source community!

1) Fabien Potencier – 22 packages, 16412 total references

Fabien Potencier leads the ranking with 22 packages being referenced (required) by a total of 16412 other packages. Most part of these packages are components of the Symfony Framework, created by Fabien, which are also widely used together or isolated in other projects. His most required package is symfony/framework-bundle with 2626 packages depending on it. This package is a requirement for Symfony bundles, which basically extends the main framework’s functionality.

2) Sebastian Bergman – 1 package, 9181 total references

Sebastian Bergman is the author of phpunit/phpunit, the most referenced package on Packagist. PHPUnit is a popular unit testing framework for PHP, used as a development requirement by 9181 other projects of all sizes and types on Packagist.

3) Taylor Otwell – 3 packages, 3608 total references

Taylor Otwell is the creator of the Laravel Framework. His package illuminate/support is the second most required on Packagist, with 3608 projects depending on it. This library offers a series of helpers for dealing with databases, arrays, and collections. It is a component of the Laravel Framework but can also be used as a standalone library.

4) Benjamin Eberlei – 4 packages, 3170 total references

Benjamin Eberlei is the lead of the Doctrine project, a collection of several PHP libraries focused on database abstraction and object mapping. The package doctrine/orm is the most required, with 1421 other packages depending on it. Those include frameworks, CMSs, and various database-related libraries.

5) Jordi Boggiano – 2 packages, 1975 total references

Jordi Boggiano is the co-author of Composer, the project that inspired this article and stands as one of the most relevant milestones in modern PHP. Jordi is one of the authors of composer/installers, and he also created monolog/monolog. The former is commonly required by frameworks and CMSs to bring composer features into those projects, and the latter is a very popular logging library for PHP.

6) Pádraic Brady – 1 package, 1660 total references

Pádraic Brady is the author of mockery/mockery, a mock object framework for unit testing in PHP. As with PHPUnit, this is usually a development requirement for creating and running the project test suite. It’s required by 1660 other packages on Packagist.

7) Zend Framework – 2 packages, 1453 total references

Zend is a popular framework for PHP. The Zend Framework development team has two packages in the TOP 50, the most required one being zendframework/zendframework with 1123 packages depending on it. Between the dependant packages are components of the main framework, as well as many extensions created by users.

8) Kitamura Satoshi – 1 package, 1371 total references

Kitamura Satoshi is the author of satooshi/php-coveralls, a PHP client library for Coveralls – an application that basically provides test coverage stats for continuous integration environments.This library is required by 1371 other projects on Packagist as it is a popular asset for continuous integration within PHP projects.

9) Michael Dowling – 2 packages, 1329 total references

Michael Dowling is the creator of Guzzle, a HTTP client library and framework for PHP. This library is very popular with projects that make use of remote APIs. His package guzzle/guzzle is required by other 811 projects on Packagist, and many of those are wrapper libraries created to facilitate the use of various APIs.

10) Greg Sherwood – 1 package, 1264 total references

Greg Sherwood is the author of squizlabs/php_codesniffer, a library for detecting violations according to a defined code standard. His package is required by 1264 other projects on Packagist.

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Linux Web Hosting Package

Web designers often look for the web hosting packages and services before executing the plan of their web designing. There is wide variety of web hosts services available which compiles all the needs of the web designers and offer excellent services. But to choose from the plethora of services is a tedious task. Before executing their plan of designing website, the first step is to choose the appropriate domain name that suits the website. Web hosting package is the next and most important step where you will need to upload your files for configuration.

Web hosting packages plays an important role in the web designing. Various web hosting services are currently available in different operating systems such as Linux hosting, VPS hosting , Windows etc. There are certain essential ingredients which are needed for every hosting plan. It is important for web designers and webmasters to choose the appropriate and best suited web hosting plans and services.

One of the latest and common hosting plans is Linux hosting, which is more secure and efficient than other operating systems as well as hosting plans available in today’s era of advance technology. It is indeed considered as the most popular hosting services since it is freely available software around the web. This plan comes with a bunch of services and components such as Apache server, PHP language and mySQL database system. High performance, greater stability and even lower cost are the key features of the Linux operating system and are preferred by most of the designers due to its huge advantages over other operating systems.

Advantages of Linux Hosting web services:

There are various advantages that make this service stand out in today’s era and make it a preferable choice among the designers and webmasters.

  1. 1.Availability: This web hosting services are freely available around the web. Since it is open source software, designers don’t have to invest higher budget in hosting and the software can be changed by any person according to the requirement.
  2. 2.Secure and Stable: The key features of this hosting service are its security and stability which yield high productivity and efficient results in terms of performance.
  3. 3.Low Cost: The web hosting service suits best for those individuals who do not have high budget, the web hosting plan is quite cheaper and can be the preferred solution.
  4. 4.Combined Package: This hosting plan comes with a bundle of services comprising of FTP Access, Common gateway interface (CGI) mechanism, mySQL Database systems. These services make this hosting plan different from rest of others. This is the main reason that most designers find it an appropriate web hosting plan in today’s time.
  5. 5.Effective Administration services: The administration services offered by this platform are very effective and provide you excellent results.
  6. 6.Reliable: The above hosting plan is very reliable as it provides you with a facility of solving every technical problem that can arise during the working. Its reliability, security and performance are added features and advantages of this hosting plan.