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I hope the information given above will help beginners to better understand the differences between a VPS and Reseller hosting. Thanks for sharing.

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McKinsey’s Networked Enterprises use of Web 2.0

research-mckinsey-networked-enterprise_Web_2.0_MCAMcKinsey’s survey research suggests that organizations which use the Web intensively have more market share and get higher margins. It has been proven that today’s era is marked by Web 2.0 technologies which are the main for high corporate performances. These networked enterprises use Web 2.0 technologies to connect to the internal efforts of employees and also to extend the organization’s reach to its partners, customers and suppliers. The findings of the research also suggested that the networked enterprises are only more likely to be market leaders but also use management practices that can lead to margin higher as compared to those companies which use the Web in limited ways. Continue reading

6 Key differences between Gmail and Outlook

outgmailWhen choosing an e-mail service many people are content to settle for their current service or what is pre-installed on their computer. Giving your e-mail service a second thought is well worth the time. Gmail and Outlook are two major email services and are worthy of noting the key differences that make them the primary email choice. Continue reading

Never Get Surprised By Your Monthly Invoice Again!

This feature was inspired by a Hacker News user who commented on a thread saying, “Amazon should let us know if monthly bill > X and send me a priority email.” Many of our own customers had already requested something similar in UserVoice, and it became clear that this was a great idea for any cloud provider.

How It Works

You can set up your billing alert by clicking on the settings icon. There you’ll see a section called Billing Alerts where you can adjust the threshold for your account. By default, we’ve set it to 125% of the average of your last three months of invoices (or $ 20, whichever is greater). If your Monthly Usage goes over the limit set, you will receive an email alerting you once per billing cycle.

Billing Alerts

This is simply an email notification. No Droplets are suspended or destroyed. Your feedback will continue to drive our design process – if there are any other features you would like to see let us know here.

– The DO Team

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I am sorry to hear about your problems Simon but I am not surprised. By now I have heard a few horror stories from customers. All I can say is this: I have been dreading the move away from VPS for a while but once I did it, I have never looked back. Perhaps, it is time for you too?!

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Free Google Apps vs Google Apps for Work


There’s a difference between the legacy “Free Google Apps” that Google offered at one time, but most businesses aren’t entirely sure what the difference is. As your business grows consider these advantages to upgrading to Google Apps for Work.

There are three levels of Gmail available to you. These include the Legacy free version of Google Apps, the Business edition and the Google Apps Unlimited. The differences are quite striking, particularly if you’re going to be using Gmail in order to conduct your online business, which is very common and very helpful today. Continue reading

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same with my, i moved to vps 5 months ago, i see several server fail, in feb 2 atlanta location disk failed and i lost all my new datas, which they failed to recover. Choosing is really a great mistake, they claim and advertise with 100% update, no server have that, 99.9% is acceptable. Also they dont have Phone Support. 

I mentioned in my blog


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Announcing IPv6 Support in Singapore

SGP1 is the first datacenter to have IPv6 support because it is running v1.5 of our backend code base. The new version was completely rewritten from the ground up and provides many benefits over the current v1.0 code. This includes more actions that can be initiated without needing to power off a Droplet – such as snapshots and enabling/disabling networking services – as well as an overall more reliable backup service architecture. After much testing during a two month beta period in Singapore, we’ve also started the first phase of our migration to the new 1.5 codebase in the San Francisco region.

Below are our community articles that will help you get started with IPv6 on your Droplets.

How To Enable IPv6 For DigitalOcean Droplets

How To Configure Tools To Use IPv6 on a Linux VPS

How To Add Additional IPv6 Addresses to your Droplet

How To Configure Your Droplet to Only Use IPv6 Networking

You can also navigate the IPv6 tag for more IPv6 articles and questions in the community. With your help, we’ll be able to refine this feature to best serve our community and join the future of the internet.


The DO Team

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Our New Community: User Profiles, Upvoting, Notifications and More!

When our community site first launched in the spring of 2012, it featured ten Linux tutorials written by an in-house writer and received roughly 1,500 visitors its first week. We’re so grateful that as we’ve grown, the community has come together to sustain the site. Currently, over 50% of DigitalOcean’s near 800 tutorials come from outside submissions, and our questions and projects sections are also built up by community contributions.

Now the community site receives over 1.5 million visitors each month.

We’ve put a lot of time and effort into creating a space where we can give back, and that developers of all types can call home. Today, are excited to announce some of the biggest new features of the growing DO community.

New Features

We have introduced quite a few new features to the community, and will continue improving these features and adding more based on user feedback. Some of our newest features are:

User Profiles

Keep track of your contributions, showcase your information, connect with other users, and modify your preferences in our newly introduced community profile.


Users are automatically subscribed to content they create, and can manually subscribe to any question or tutorial within the community.


Stay in the know by receiving both in-app and email notifications whenever another user takes action on your post.

Love your Content!

Did you find a fellow community member’s post helpful? Give it some love! This will count as a point toward that user, as well as upvote the post in the thread.

Threaded Discussions

We can’t help but be excited about our new commenting system. You can also format your answers in markdown syntax, or use our visual editor to do that for you.

A special thank you to Tanooki. Under the guidance of our Creative Director, they were able to bring you these features as quickly as possible. Now create a user profile and explore your new community. More features and refined interfaces coming soon :)

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Are you still using on this website up to today?

Reason I ask is has once again gone down and I am done with giving it yet another second chance.

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Linux Web Hosting Package

Web designers often look for the web hosting packages and services before executing the plan of their web designing. There is wide variety of web hosts services available which compiles all the needs of the web designers and offer excellent services. But to choose from the plethora of services is a tedious task. Before executing their plan of designing website, the first step is to choose the appropriate domain name that suits the website. Web hosting package is the next and most important step where you will need to upload your files for configuration.

Web hosting packages plays an important role in the web designing. Various web hosting services are currently available in different operating systems such as Linux hosting, VPS hosting , Windows etc. There are certain essential ingredients which are needed for every hosting plan. It is important for web designers and webmasters to choose the appropriate and best suited web hosting plans and services.

One of the latest and common hosting plans is Linux hosting, which is more secure and efficient than other operating systems as well as hosting plans available in today’s era of advance technology. It is indeed considered as the most popular hosting services since it is freely available software around the web. This plan comes with a bunch of services and components such as Apache server, PHP language and mySQL database system. High performance, greater stability and even lower cost are the key features of the Linux operating system and are preferred by most of the designers due to its huge advantages over other operating systems.

Advantages of Linux Hosting web services:

There are various advantages that make this service stand out in today’s era and make it a preferable choice among the designers and webmasters.

  1. 1.Availability: This web hosting services are freely available around the web. Since it is open source software, designers don’t have to invest higher budget in hosting and the software can be changed by any person according to the requirement.
  2. 2.Secure and Stable: The key features of this hosting service are its security and stability which yield high productivity and efficient results in terms of performance.
  3. 3.Low Cost: The web hosting service suits best for those individuals who do not have high budget, the web hosting plan is quite cheaper and can be the preferred solution.
  4. 4.Combined Package: This hosting plan comes with a bundle of services comprising of FTP Access, Common gateway interface (CGI) mechanism, mySQL Database systems. These services make this hosting plan different from rest of others. This is the main reason that most designers find it an appropriate web hosting plan in today’s time.
  5. 5.Effective Administration services: The administration services offered by this platform are very effective and provide you excellent results.
  6. 6.Reliable: The above hosting plan is very reliable as it provides you with a facility of solving every technical problem that can arise during the working. Its reliability, security and performance are added features and advantages of this hosting plan.